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KAIMIN is an eponymous, female-run, high-tech women’s fashion label based in New York City, which promotes diversity and inclusivity, working with iconic artists, including Bjork, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and many others. Drawing inspiration from New York’s underground & street culture, while supporting various up-and-coming creatives, KAIMIN traverses social planes and empowers innovators across the spectrum.


The brand was founded in 2016 by the part-South Korean, part-Japanese designer Kaimin, whose futuristic designs use elements of subculture & punk to create a surreal demeanor that is still delicate & feminine. Kaimin intentionally de-emphasizes gender boundaries, allowing her signature love for abstraction & primeval sexuality to come to the fore in a playful way.


The KAIMIN brand grew up in the digital world so it lauds and leans heavily on technology in its work, utilizing innovative and sustainable materials as well as cutting-edge production techniques (experimenting with 3D-printing, laser cutting, etc.). Technology is also heavily leveraged in KAIMIN’s content, branding, and analytics (digital art, AR/VR, machine learning). All garments are made in New York with utmost attention to detail and quality.