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Artist - Kaimin 

In today’s multitasking, multihyphenated generation, Kaimin, the South Korean-born polymath stands alone. Working as designer, creative and visual director, conceptual artist, film director and actress in her homeland and in the West; she traverses different mediums as effortlessly as she crosses cultural boundaries. Perhaps this is down to her unceasing need to communicate her message, proclaiming, “My work is never derived to deliver a specific message to people but it’s a natural extension of my interests and motivations - it's closer to delivering a message to myself.” For Kaimin, the potency of her work comes in the balance of Yin and Yang, obsessed as she is with creating harmony between two opposites.

Kaimin is on an ever-evolving quest for the new with an engrained desire to break down boundaries and hierarchies. “As much as I like to communicate with people through my work, I never expect a definite answer. I enjoy the variety of reactions - what matters most is that they felt something. My hope for my art and future is simple - infinite challenges and experiments that combine both tried methods and innovative technologies to uncover new vision, support upcoming talent, and build an inclusive creative empire.”


Clothing brand - KAIMIN

KAIMIN uses innovative, high-tech materials to thrust elements of subculture & punk into the future for a surreal demeanor, which is sensually-supercharged yet delicate & feminine.

With an inclusive vision, Kaimin intentionally de-emphasizes gender boundaries, allowing her signature love for abstraction & primeval sexuality to come to the fore in a playful way.